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Collective (Colectiv) 2020 Full Movie Free Download

Collective (Colectiv) 2020 full movie is an interesting documentary genre movie that centres around journalists investigating some abnormalities in the health sector.

In the year 2015, it happens that some twenty seven people died and one hundred and eighty others got injured in a fire incident at Bucharest's Club. Shortly after the incident, it was discovered that death rate skyrocketed in the hospitals and these deaths were even from wounds that were not really a threat to life.

Therefore, all these abnormalities made a doctor to disclose the information to the appropriate team of journalists that specializes in investigating and getting to the root of the matter.

Soon, this team of journalists started uncovering some fraud issues in the health care sector, which led to the appointment of of a new health minister who promised to make necessary reformations and amendments.

Collective 2020 Full Movie Scenes

Genre:  Documentary

Director:  Alexander Nanau

Casts:  Alexander Nanau,

Duration:  109 minutes.

Collective (Colectiv) 2020 Full Movie Trailer

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